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The Wisconsin volleyball team surged in popularity after some private photos and videos were leaked.

The photos and videos were spread on social media platforms like TikTok, Twitter, and Reddit.

Someone spread the photos and videos online and they snowballed⁠—attracting millions of views.

Apparently, the content was not intended to be made public—someone leaked them without their consent.

Due to the explicit nature of the media shared, it rapidly spread across the internet.

What happened at Wisconsin volleyball?

Wisconsin volleyball is under fire after a bunch of sensitive photos and videos of their team were leaked.

The media shared contains over 40 topless and unclad photos of the team celebrating after one of their victories in the previous year.

According to Wisconsin, the team reported the leak to the police and investigations are ongoing.

In addition, the leaked photos and videos are gradually being removed from the internet.

Apparently, some people took advantage of the situation by putting up the leaked content for sale.

These scammers are prevalent on Reddit, Discord, and Twitter.

The news was shared on TikTok by multiple users and garnered millions of views.

A TikTok video by @playboitroii got over 4 million views in just two days.

Some videos made fun of the scandal while others were sympathizing with the team.

Here are some of the comments, “How on earth did those vids and photos get leaked? I can only imagine the embarrassment”.

“The fact that it’s a collection of 40 pics/vids is wild. Like how does that even happen? Someone’s going to jail”.

“How did someone even manage to leak all of that? Someone on the inside must’ve done it”.

Wisconsin volleyball team leaked scandal

According to Wisconsin Badger’s official Twitter, they said that the photos and videos were not intended to be made public.

They condemned the act of unauthorized sharing of media, which invaded the student-athelete’s privacy.

It also violates the university policies and criminal statutes.

They said that the athletes contacted the UW-Madison Police Department when they were aware of the photos and videos being circulated.

The UWPD is currently investigating the issue but not the athletes.

Finally, their closing statement emphasizes on supporting the athletes by providing them with the appropriate services and resources.

The tweet got over 1.2k likes and the comments on it were turned off.

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