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A North Carolina woman, Shanquella Robinson’s (not Shaquille Robinson) death is being investigated by Mexican authorities.

Robinson, aged 25 was staying at a luxury villa in San Jose del Cabo with her group of friends.

They rented out to villa to celebrate a friend’s birthday—but things took a terrible turn.

In a leaked video, a woman, Daejhanae Jackson was beating Robinson due to unknown reasons.

Apparently, one of her friends was recording and instigating Robinson to fight back.

Rumors said that Robinson had alcohol poisoning, but an autopsy revealed that she died of a severed spine.

Shanquella Robinson Fight Video

A video of Shanquella Robinson getting attacked by her friend was leaked on Twitter.

Robinson was getting beaten by her friend, Daejhanae Jackson, while both of her other friends were recording.

The men in the video did not help Robinson—instead, one of them instigated her to fight back.

“Quella, can you at least fight back? At least fight back”.

The video got over 1.8 million views and a lot of people were outraged by the people recording.

“I feel like they set her up because of how all of y’all right there and no one broke it up. They wanted to see it because they wanted and knew the fight was gonna happen”.

“And they are just sitting there recording. They plotted on her!”.

“What’s up with people going on vacation with people they absolutely hate? This is so gross and I’m so sorry for her being in this situation nobody had her back”.

A Twitter user, @ThatDorkyChickB, exposed the people recording—Khalil Cooke, Naz Diddit, and Malik Juvs, who were in the same villa.

According to another Twitter user, the woman in the video beating Robinson is https://www.instagram.com/daejj_/ on Instagram.

Robinson’s parents spoke out about the incident and they seek justice.

“It’s like a nightmare. I can’t even sleep. I am just frustrated. My heart is just aching as a father. A praying man”, Benard said.

Robinson’s mother, Salamondra, said that she last spoke to her daughter on Friday.

“She said, well, mother, I’m getting ready to eat” followed by, “I said, well okay. Enjoy yourself. Have a good time. And I love you and I will talk to you tomorrow.”

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