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Are you looking to find the Ahmed Grocery Store Key location in DMZ?

Warzone 2.0 is a large, free-to-play combat arena with a brand-new map called AL Mazrah.

Team up with your friends and fight in a battleground in the city and rural outskirts.

Loot supply boxes for rewards and finish contracts to develop your arsenal and get a tactical advantage.

There’s a new sandbox objective-based mode where you can choose your own experience and get gear to keep in your inventory.

If you purchase the Vault Edition of MW2, you’ll get the Red Team 141 Operator Pack, FJX Cinder Weapon Vault, Battle Pass, and 50 Tier Skips*.

In this guide, you’ll learn Omar’s Auto Repair Key location in Warzone 2 DMZ and how to find or use them.

Omar’s Auto Repair Key Location in Warzone 2 DMZ

Omar’s Auto Repair Key location is in Sawah Village (southwest of the map).

Once you’re there, go southwest, and go inside the partly sunken building with a “Jalals Jalopies” sign outside.

Lastly, unlock any of the three Omar’s Auto Repair doors.

Here’s how to find/get to the location (expand the screenshots above):

  1. Go to the southwest of Sawah Village.
  2. Go inside the building with a “Jalals Jalopies” sign.
  3. Unlock any of the three Omar’s Auto Repair doors.

There are three Omar’s Auto Repair doors that you can unlock.

All of the doors lead to the same place, so you can unlock any of them using the key.

The key can be obtained at random from enemy AI drops, the HVT contract, loot containers, and more.

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