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Tower of Fantasy released a 2.0-update that contains new features and bug fixes.

There’s a new map named “Vera Sector” that includes a cyberpunk city.

One of the items that you can use in-game is the Old Vera Coin.

The level cap is increased to level 80, there’s a new story, new Simulacrum Ruby, and Ruby’s matrix.

Unlock a new piece of new equipment called “Combat Engine” and new instanced including “End Game” and “Sadness Valley”.

There are also two new events called “A Fresh Start” and “Stellarway Restart”.

You can claim your compensation rewards from your inbox.

The rewards are Dark Crystals, Vitality Solutions, a Gender Change Card, and more.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to use the Old Vera Coin in Tower of Fantasy.

How to use Old Vera Coin in Tower of Fantasy

To use the Old Vera Coin in Tower of Fantasy, you need to go to Mirafleur Hall.

Once you’re there, find the gachapon machine and interact with it by selecting “Purchase”.

  1. Go to the Mirafleur Hall in Mirroria.
  2. Find the gachapon machine and select “Purchase”.
  3. Select “Draw 1” to draw once or select “Draw 10” to draw ten times.

Activating the gachapon machine once requires 50 Old Vera Coins.

Activating it 10 times requires 500 Old Vera Coins.

You can get multiple rewards from it at random like “Jerboa Chassis”, “HOTTA Giftbox I”, and more.

Here’s the description of the coin, “Can be used on out-of-market gachapon machines”.

“Old Mirroria currency that is already out of circulation. It’s said that you can still use these coins on some gachapon machines”.

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