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Sonic is lost on an ancient island filled with strange creatures.

Fight multiple enemies and explore a world of action, adventure, and mystery.

There are five gigantic islands with forests, waterfalls, and desert landscapes.

Complete side quests, solve puzzles and scale enormous structures.

There are portals all around the island and you can go into Cyber Space levels.

Defeat colossal enemies by combining moves like dodges, parries, counters, and combos.

Discover the secrets of the remains of an ancient civilization taken over by robotic hordes.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to solve the M-064 puzzle in Sonic Frontiers to reveal more of the map.

How to solve M-064 puzzle in Sonic Frontiers

To solve the M-064 puzzle in Sonic Frontiers, you need to complete the maze by stepping on each light blue tile.

However, you can only step on each light blue tile once.

After you’ve stepped on all of the light blue tiles, the puzzle will be completed.

Here is the full process (expand the screenshots above):

  1. Left > Left > Up > Left.
  2. Down > Down > Right > Right.
  3. Right > Right > Up > Up.
  4. Left > Up > Right > Up.
  5. Left > Left > Down > Left.
  6. Up > Left.

After you’ve completed the maze, all of the light blue tiles will turn black.

Now, more of the map will be revealed on Chaos Island.

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