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Tower of Fantasy released a 2.0-update that contains new features and bug fixes.

There’s a new map named “Vera Sector” that includes a cyberpunk city.

One of the objectives in the sector is to “Freely explore Vera. Kill creatures and collect Omnium” with a percentage.

The level cap is increased to level 80, there’s a new story, new Simulacrum Ruby, and Ruby’s matrix.

Unlock a new piece of new equipment called “Combat Engine” and new instanced including “End Game” and “Sadness Valley”.

There are also two new events called “A Fresh Start” and “Stellarway Restart”.

You can claim your compensation rewards from your inbox.

The rewards are Dark Crystals, Vitality Solutions, a Gender Change Card, and more.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to freely explore Vera, kill creatures, and collect Omnium in Tower of Fantasy.

How to freely explore Vera in Tower of Fantasy

To freely explore Vera in Tower of Fantasy, you need to go to one of the marked locations.

One of the marked locations that you can go to is the Saltwater Oasis where you can kill Shielded Beasts for Omnium.

Here’s how to do this:

  1. Go to one of the marked locations (e.g. Saltwater Oasis).
  2. Kill the Shielded Beasts until the objective is at 100%.

After the objective is at 100%, it will be completed.

Now, your objective is to go to Mirroria’s Maintenance Area.

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