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In Gotham Knights, Batman is dead and a new large, criminal underworld has taken over Gotham City.

It’s now up to the Batman Family to protect Gotham, save its citizens, instill discipline in its cops, and fear its criminals.

The 4 knights are Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Robin.

In the game, you can solve mysteries that link the city’s history and defeat powerful villains.

Some quests and objectives are hard to complete because their hints can be vague.

It’s an open-world, action RPG set in a dynamic and interactive Gotham City.

You can play solo or co-op mode and stop criminal activity when you find it.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to customize or change Batcycle skins, weapons, and suits in Gotham Knights.

Change Batcycle skins

  • You can change your Batcycle skin/appearance by going to the Batcycle area in Belfry by selecting the unlocked skin.
  • Similarly, you can equip the Batcycle Colorway by going to the Batcycle area in Belfry and selecting the unlocked Colorway.

Change weapons

  • You can equip or change weapons by going to the Batcomputer in Belfry.
  • Weapons will be categorized as “Melee” in your loadout in the “Gear” tab.

Customize suits

  • For each suit, you can change the appearance of its Cowl, Symbol, Gloves, and Boots.
  • To customize a suit, open the Batcomputer at the Belfry hub in the “Gear” tab.
  • You can also customize the color of your suit using Colorways.
  • To do so, open the Batcomputer at Belfry, select Gear > Style secondary tab > Colorway.
  • You can also equip a Transmog in the Batcomputer at Belfry.
  • A Tansmog suit cannot be customized as its a special cosmetic-only change to your current suit.

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