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Are you looking for the highest win rates in Overwatch 2?

Do you want to know the highest win-loss percentage of heroes in the game?

Overwatch 2 was released in October and instantly became one of the most popular games.

It changed from being a paid game to a free-to-play game.

As a result, anyone can download the game on PC, Xbox, PS4, and PS5.

In this guide, you’ll learn the best and highest Overwatch 2 win rates for heroes in competitive mode.

Highest win rates in Overwatch 2

Highest win rates in Overwatch 2

Here are the highest Overwatch 2 hero win rates:

  1. Reinhardt – 53%
  2. Sigma – 53%
  3. Zarya – 53%
  4. Genji – 52%
  5. Kiriko – 52%

Source: Overwatch 2 developer blog: Post-launch updates on gameplay, maps, and competitive.

It’s not surprising that tanks are the leading role in Overwatch 2.

Attackers are falling behind tanks in the game because of how squishy they are.

If an attacker gets caught and doesn’t get healed fast enough, they will die within seconds.

On the other hand, tanks can sustain for a long period of time because of their defensive kits.

In fact, tanks can produce the same or a higher damage output as an attacker because they die less often.

That said, Genji remains a strong pick because of his mobility and reflective ability.

The Overwatch development team is working on potential changes to certain tanks like Zarya to diminish their dominance.

They are always looking at heroes’ performances and listening to player feedback before making any specific changes.

According to their blog, no hero has a win rate higher than 55%.

Which hero has the highest win rate in Overwatch 2?

The hero that has the highest win rate in Overwatch 2 is Reinhardt at 53%.

The two other heroes that tied with Reinhardt in win rate are Sigma and Zarya.

Tanks are dominating in the current meta because they have high health and damage.

If a healer locks onto a tank, it’s almost undefeatable.

It’s not surprising that Reinhardt is dominating in the competitive mode because of his defensive kit.

He can mitigate damage using his barrier and one-shot attackers by charging toward them at a distance.

Similarly, Sigma and Zarya both have defensive abilities that can prevent them from taking damage.

Zarya’s ultimate is arguably one of the best in the game because it pulls enemies toward it—which creates combo opportunities.

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