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The phrase “Apologize to Lisa” is trending on Twitter after a mistake by Spotify.

K-pop fans demanded an apology from Spotify after a mistake was made with the “Top K-Pop Artists of 2022″ playlist.

The playlist originally showed that Lisa is the most streamed K-Pop Soloist of the year.

However, they stated that BTS’s Jungkook was supposed to receive the title and rectified it.

Due to the error, Blackpink fans claimed that people targeted Lisa with offensive remarks.

TDLR: Spotify accidentally made Lisa the top K-Pop artist of 2022 instead of BTS’s Jungkook and corrected the mistake.

Spotify tweeted an apology that blamed multiple genre tags that were not properly merged.

“Multiple genre tags led to slightly different top ten lists, and they were not properly merged”.

Followed by, “We join the fans in celebrating the many achievements of BTS and regret this error”.

The tweet got over 40.9k likes and is under fire from K-pop fans.

The phrase, “Apologize to Lisa” became one of the most discussed topics on Twitter with over 800k tweets.

Blackpink fans demanded Spotify apologize to Lisa due to their mistake.

Apparently, the mistake caused Lisa to be bombarded with offensive comments.

Some Twitter users went as far as to accuse Lisa (and even her family) of having relations with Jeremy Erlich, Spotify’s Head of Music.

BTS fans were sceptical of the genre tag issue because BTS was the only band affected by it.

“If this was an error of multiple genre tags, it would have had an impact on more than a few artists, yet this seemed to affect only one, BTS. That’s not an error, that’s intentional manipulation”.

“We don’t understand how that issue occurred to just BTS and Jungkook, and no one else from K-Pop. Truly appalling and very disappointing”.

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