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Andrew Tate recently confirmed that he is Muslim on a Gettr post.

The announcement surged in popularity on Twitter as many users tweeted about it.

He was recently seen together with the MMA fighter, Tam Khan in Dubai.

In a Full Send Podcast, Tate claimed that Islam is the last religion on the planet.

“So if it’s the last true religion on the planet then it has to be the correct one”.

“It’s the last religion because no other religion has boundaries which they enforce”.

“If you will tolerate everything, then you stand for nothing”.

The full video can be watched on the Full Send Podcast YouTube channel.

Andrew Tate converts to Islam

Tam Khan, an MMA fighter, shared a video of him praying with Andrew Tate on Twitter.

The tweet got over 23,000 likes and more than 300 comments.

He captioned it, “My brother – MashAllah”, which shows appreciation for Tate.

The recording was made when Tate met Tam Khan in Dubai where he was supposed to host a speaking event titled, ““41 Tenets of Tate”.

However, the speech was canceled due to unknown reasons.

Andrew Tate Converts to Islam

Tam posted a statement on his Instagram story regarding the video of him and Andrew Tate praying.

A lot of people claimed that the video was recorded for clout or views, so Tam addressed the accusation.

“Brother Andrew is very sincere and his heart is with Islam”.

“Why did I record us praying? Because it helps to post positivity rather than materialism (as I myself have been guilty of)”.

Followed by, “It was a private visit to the Masjid. Just me and him and he wanted that”.

“It was solely my idea to record. He didn’t seek to impress a certain demographic. He wanted to do this and we did”.

“Regarding his Shahada, we agreed that it shouldn’t be shown on a podcast because people will claim it’s for clout”.

Here’s his closing statement, “So to all those speaking about the shahada and all, please allow the brother to just announce it how he wants and allow him to take his time”.

“As we all know, tomorrow is never guaranteed”.

Tate confirmed that he is now a Muslim by sharing it on his personal social media platform, GETTR.

“Any Christian who believes in good and understands the true battle against evil must convert”.

The post got over 2.9k likes and more than 700 comments.

Tate is now active on Rumble and GETTR after his widespread ban on every platform.

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