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Andrew Tate, a 4x kickboxing champion, and Jordan Peterson, a clinical psychologist are back on Twitter after Elon Musk unbanned them.

Elon Musk made significant changes to Twitter after acquiring it, one of which is the unbanning/reinstating of notable figures that were previously banned.

On the contrary, he enforced and enacted a new policy that bans impersonations.

This is in accordance with the new and improved Twitter Blue which gives users a blue checkmark when they pay $8 for it.

These changes are part of Elon’s goal of making Twitter “a platform for free speech but not freedom of reach”, in his own words.

Andrew Tate and Jordan Peterson are back on Twitter

Andrew Tate was banned in 2017 for breaking Twitter’s policies.

In 2017, a cartoonist started a GoFundMe because his son needed a medical procedure.

Tate criticized a cartoonist for not having enough money to provide for his son—and got banned for it.

On the other hand, Jordan Peterson was banned because of “hateful conduct” and was forced to delete his tweet.

Both Tate and Peterson were unbanned on November 18.

Their handles are twitter.com/Cobratate and twitter.com/jordanbpeterson respectively.

On the first day of getting reinstated, Peterson suggested reinstating @realDonaldTrump and @ConceptualJames.

Free speech allows people to freely express their opinions and allows conversations to happen.

On the contrary, censorship prevents certain conversations from happening which can conceal truths.

Twitter’s past management gravitates towards banning people who don’t deserve to get banned while letting other truly dangerous people on the platform.

If Twitter were consistent in enforcing its policies, a massive number of people would be banned—not just one or two notable figures.

Elon Musk plans to fix this by forming a content moderation council with diverse viewpoints.

“The council will convene any major content decisions or account reinstatements”, in his own words.

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