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Adin Ross, a 22-year-old Twitch streamer was swatted live on Twitch and was briefly banned.

He is known for his NBA 2K and GTA V streams.

Adin has about 3 million subscribers on YouTube and 6.8 million followers on Twitch.

Currently, he’s one of the top 20 most-followed channels on Twitch.

It’s not surprising that popular Twitch streamers are swatted because of trollers and IP address leaks.

Adin Ross swatted

Adin Ross was swatted when he was live on Twitch on November 10, 2022.

Sometime after the raid, he tweeted “I really got banned on Twitch for being swatted” on Twitter but quickly deleted it.

Near the end of the clip, a policeman shouting “Los Angeles Police Department” can be heard.

In addition, a policeman with a torchlight can be seen glancing around the house.

The video was uploaded on Adin’s YouTube channel (Adin Live) and got over 1 million views.

Before he was swatted, he received a phone call from the police that informed him of their presence.

Apparently, many viewers claimed that the swatting was scripted.

This is because the policemen are not clearly visible his webcam was not shut off.

Pokimane, a popular YouTuber and streamer reacted to the video.

She defended Adin and said, “Why would anyone want to fake a swat?”.

The video of the swatting was shared on YouTube and many users were praising Adin on how he handled the issue.

Other users were criticizing the police department and the person who called them.

Rumors said that a teenager called the police on Adin and accused him of taking someone hostage.

“Adin, you need to find out who did this and sue them for emotional damages”.

“Stupid and jealous people do this. I’m glad no one got hurt in this incident”.

This is not the first time Adin was swatted as it happened on two other occasions.

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