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F1 TV allows you to watch live F1 sessions, replays, and other race series like F2, F3, and more.

You can watch live timing, documentaries, and expert analysis.

You’ll also have access to the biggest F1 archive on the internet where you can watch races back to the 70s.

There are multiple live channels like F1 Live, F1 International, Data channel, and more.

You’ll get several angles with expert commentary and guests.

Follow the drivers around the track and see the teams’ strategy in action.

This article contains a list of premium free F1 TV accounts (f1tv.formula1.com) with email addresses and passwords.

How to get a free F1 TV account

To get a free F1 TV account, you need to go to f1tv.formula1.com and select “Sign in”.

After you’ve selected “Sign in”, select “Register with F1”.

Provide your title, and enter your name, date of birth, and residence.

Lastly, enter your email address, choose a password, and click on the “Register” button.

Is an F1 TV account free?

No, an F1 TV account is not free.

An F1 TV account costs $26.99 per year or $2.99 per month.

The subscription gives you access to multiple features.

You’ll get access to exclusive documentaries and hundreds of historic races.

In addition, you’ll get access to all of the live timing features.

This includes live leaderboard data, real-time telemetry, best clips of team radio, and more.

Free F1 TV accounts

Free F1 TV premium accounts
Email address Password
malikax703@hostovz.com Ci5uB!+sp2
jeritey159@keshitv.com b&qu7a3poK
papikir689@ktasy.com 1Oql-_t6Ov
vovij10194@ktasy.com chi#e5Aqe8
canipic489@hostovz.com 7upI0l+@PR
voropij427@hostovz.com k5$l9ECaK&
lihefex841@keshitv.com dre-BrE7aFr
lageh61894@ktasy.com dLtO6!3Haw
xrumerspamer@gmail.com N5tra@9EmIv
kanordgren@gmail.com sTuM-ep7Lwr
mattlatorre1@gmail.com 1-Aphl9uq
soterescon@gmail.com PA-sP7fos
faceplantorganic@gmail.com 1i9e-mIRi
parishlanewines@gmail.com stLx@ez0g
thebalancedyoga@gmail.com YO$A8ejE
keenanjm@gmail.com vL8aC=h7N
shaun.cford@gmail.com wO=Tha2rEt
saunders.caroline.m@gmail.com DEb@Roth48
woodgeragencies@gmail.com froK-0pePo
nicksleath@gmail.com 8hL-phOJoc
chrisecostanza@gmail.com Fiqe%5obr
thegrapewizard@gmail.com 3iCh=XoFi
cel.brophy@gmail.com w=Atrlq3vu
patervincentosb@gmail.com Z#fray0
joedavies87@gmail.com 5e?oTra
sgriffiths973@gmail.com Pu*3aPow
jakejorgovan@gmail.com stiT&Ot8
hidesignheidi@gmail.com flD4@ruve
design.alif@gmail.com huRl-nI65
michele.roberts.events@gmail.com 7+hE2t@W
jamiedsjlammers@gmail.com wOt+Hls18
johnbeveridge50@gmail.com 9H8p=hLsO
thehavilandclub@gmail.com C1k@ejOcr7
rajalingam4852@gmail.com d17a?BRowr
jctekksims@gmail.com =Ufr04Hi
cullinanherd@gmail.com zlsa5l!eD
auntiegummy32@gmail.com swexl%36uH
katarina.lijic@gmail.com hlwr#b57B
unh.waysmeet@gmail.com 2a$AxoZ$
subbu6699@gmail.com fr0@kLbL
doug90254@gmail.com chEX*u0Wl
jameswilson29@gmail.com mom-acR8g

The free F1 TV premium accounts above are on a first-come-first-serve basis.

You can use them to watch exclusive documentaries, 650+ historic races, and live races.

If you can’t sign in to an account, it probably means that someone has changed the password for it.

It could also mean that the account has been deleted or banned.

If that’s the case, you can try using another account’s login information.

If an account does not have an active subscription, it means that the subscription for it has expired.

New f1tv.formula1.com accounts will be added to the table occasionally.

You can bookmark this page (for Chrome, click on the star icon on the URL field) and check back later for more free accounts.

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